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Asatru / Norse Rune Jewelry
From Warrior Jewelry and Armour
We offer a full line of runic sterling silver  jewelry.
Choose from our many styles of Rune Rings.
We have many pendants with runes, valknut and other symbols.
Our bracelets have genuine baltic amber stones in many styles.
Sterling Silver Valknut Pendants
Representing the 9 worlds and Odin.
Wearers of this pendant have sworn themselves to Odin
Sterling Silver Valknut Pendant available with or without enameled red stone centerpiece. Two styles to choose from. Click Here

Sterling Silver Valknut Ring
Wearers of the Valknut are sworn to Odin.
The highest symbol representing the nine worlds
and the Allfather Odihnn.

Sterling Silver Warrior and Rune Rings
A large variety of Warrior rings. Styles include Enameled rune and symbol rings.
Lord of the Rings jewelry. The ring Russel Crow wears in "Gladiator".
Gothic spiked armor rings, Viking Shield rings and many more styles.

Sterling Silver Amber Band Ring
Your choice of runes, other stones available.

Magical Gemstone and Rune Rings
Your choice of stone and rune or symbol.

Stainless Steel Viking Rune Rings
More desireable than silver. Stainless steel never tarnishes.
7/16 wide your choice of runes.

Stainless Steel Viking Rune Band Rings
More desireable than silver. Stainless steel never tarnishes.
Geometric style 7/16 wide your choice of runes.

Sterling Silver Amber Bracelets
The Triple Amber Bracelet features one 30 x 22 mm and two 10 mm amber stones set in a double banded sterling silver bracelet.
We have many styles of celtic bracelets for men and ladies.
We have warrior bracelets, The Triple X bracelet. Spiked bracelets.
Witchblade bracelets and jewelry. The Scorpion King bracelet and the Hercules bracelet from the TV series and much more. Click Here
The Lee Penny Pendant
A reproduction of the legendary medieval  talisman
 said to have the power to heal.
A sterling silver medieval hand coined King Edward groat
with a rough heart shaped stone set upon the groat. Chain is included.
Thors Hammer Pendants
These one of a kind hand crafted solid stainless steel pendants are a modern design and will never tarnish, polished to a mirror finish
Many styles and sizes with chain.
Full size Thors Hammer sculptures available

The Oak Leaf and Acorn Pendant
The Oak and Acorns in Norse folklore give protection.
Acorns are the symbol of life.
Sacred to Thor The Mighty Oak.
2 inches high sterling silver and enameled Oak leaf and acorn pendant, comes with chain.

Celtic Cross
Sterling Silver and enameled backround.
Two inches high, your choice of color.

Carved Rune Gemstone Pendants
Oval and round gemstone rune and symbol pendants.
Detailed sterling silver setting with the hand carved rune gemstone of your choice. Stone sizes 25mm to 40mm oval and 30mm round.

Viking Twisted Wire Rings
German silver and brass.
6mm wide

Ladies Enameled Rune Rings
All runes available sterling silver.
Your choice of color.

Carved Rune Gemstone Rings
These sterling silver gemstone rings feature a 18mm x 13mm
gemstone with hand carved runes. One inch high all sizes.